Once upon a time…


So once upon a time ( a little less than two years ago) there was a girl who was sad and fruatrated that she had made more than a few bad decisions in her life. She felt as if she had given up control to others who did not have her best interests at heart. So she decided to change. She seperated herself from almost everyone and decided that she was the only person in the whole world she could count on. She held herself responsible for her poor choices, forgave herself and moved on independently. It was very hard. She did have help from some folks who never really left her side and this helped her to trust a little again. As she grew she realised how big this world truly is and if she wanted something she had damn well better go find it as whatever it was probably wasn’t just kicking it outside her door for her to trip over. She started looking high and low, near and far for all things big and small that not only made her feel happiness but could bring some happiness to those around her as well.
This was the beginning of my journey. It took 38 years just to get to the starting off point, but you’de be amazed the happiness one can stuff into even just one minute!


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